Introduction of China - Laos international railway container transport

The China-Laos Railway is an electrified Railway connecting Kunming city in China's Yunnan Province and Vientiane city in Laos. It is built according to the National Railway Grade I standard. The China-Laos Railway starts in the Kunming city of Yunnan Province, China from the north, crosses Yuxi City, Puer City and Sipsongpanna in the south, passes Mohan Railway port in China and Boten railway port in Laos from the south, and continues to reach Vientiane, the capital of Laos, through The provinces of Louang Namtha, Oudomxay, Louangphabang and Vientiane from the south.

Our current China-Laos international railway container transport routes are as follows:

Jiaozhou-Mohan-Vientiane, 2 trains are dispatched per month, the first train will be dispatched on December 7th, the second train will be dispatched in mid-December. Station-to-station price including container rental: 23000CNY / 40HC, 33000CNY /2* 20GP, including One-ticket customs declaration.

Advantages of Route:

1. It only takes 7-8 days to complete the whole journey from station to station, saving at least two-thirds of the time compared with sea and land transportation;

2. Same railway gauge, no need to change at the port, one station direct arrival, there will be no congestion at the port;

3. The freight is simple and clear, no incidentals at both ends.

Basic shipping requirements:

1.Do not accept any liquid, dangerous chemicals, batteries and any cargoes containing liquid, dangerous chemicals, batteries;

2. The weight limit for a single piece of goods is 1.5 tons, and the total weight limit for a single container is 26 tons;

3. For general chemical products, the railway transportation identification issued by the Chemical Registration Center of the Emergency Management Department should be provided in advance, which can be picked up after passing the examination of the station;

4. Loading must be evenly loaded, the center of gravity must be in the center and reinforce the cargoes well;

5. Cut off date and documentation 7 days before departure.


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