Mode of transport

Railway transport
International express
Air transport
Sea transport
Postal packet
Special line transport

Dedicated line transportation

Pure electric liquid special line
The United States sea transport special cargo special line
China-Russia E-Courier dedicated line
Canada dedicated line

Pure electric liquid special line, which can pick up pure liquid products such as perfume, nail polish, sprays and so on, also can pick up built-in pure battery and matching battery. It can be exported to 17 European countries.

The United States Shanghai special cargo line, single ticket customs clearance mode, to star express, aging stability, the collection of customers preferred; Acceptable products: solid food (except meat food), cream cosmetics, etc.

China-Russia E-speed treasure special line ​can be connected with built-in, supporting, mobile power supply, pure battery, kitchen knives and cosmetics within 10CM, etc. Double the tax package.

Canada special line, can be connected with built-in battery goods; The whole air freight, prescription 10-15 working days.