Logistics and customs information integration solutions, professional pre-categorization and other customs professional consultations; import and export agent customs clearance; territorial customs declaration and port release; regulatory document consultation and processing; quarantine and fumigation treatment; processing trade reporting and verification; Application of tax reduction and exemption; corporate trade escrow; bank cash allocation and customs clearance services; special import pre-declaration and release on arrival for cargoes; industry customs declaration documents and manual outsourcing business management

Port customs declaration

Connect with customer sales terminal, data one-time import warehouse management system, accurate and efficient to complete the inventory.

Special supervision area customs declaration

Strict temperature control, scientific and rigorous operation in and out of the warehouse, customers are carefully guaranteed.

Product pre-classification service

Bonded warehouse can realize multi-party trade carryover, import bonded, integration into zero out business operations.

Processing trade business

Accept VMI, JIT goods and other business, effectively support the improvement of production efficiency.